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June 13, 2012
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Stiff by Taly5 Stiff by Taly5
Commission for :iconkiyesucks: of his character Steffan.

Named Steffan because his mother's last word was "stiff" ( he wouldn't kick up a fuss when born), this guy is not your usual hero. Fantasy story based on reader's choice , Tides of Twilight
is an amazing interactive story which you can read here :

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ziinyu Jul 13, 2012  Student Interface Designer
Hello there from #ProjectComment + #FeedbackFrenzy! :wave:

Sorry I wasn't there when you made it to that last chat event - we did have a bot in there keeping a transcript though (so that we can post the relevant discussion on each deviation).
<TheLoneBadWolf> Oooh!! I love it!!
<CrypticManifestation> very nice, I like the organic pose
<Taly5> thank you both!
<CrypticManifestation> very fluid and dramatic, I also like how the the contras between the background and the sky
<MilaineSummerset> yussa, this denies the title when not knowing the character is named stiff :)
<Taly5> haha - never thought of that :D
<MilaineSummerset> it's very lively and excellently put into motion :)
<CrypticManifestation> but I find myself wishing there was a bit more blue in the image, maybe reflected in the floor or the walls of the stadium
<TheLoneBadWolf> I love the weapon!! - A bit blue would have been nice too
<Taly5> I see your point
<MilaineSummerset> or just as well give the sky a bit of halftone yellowy for overall effect, also an option
<Taly5> I tried it - but the commissioner said he wanted plain day - and the yellow halftone made it look like evening
<TheLoneBadWolf> Yeah understandable. Commissioners can be picky
<CrypticManifestation> gotcha
<MilaineSummerset> well then, question of taste also
<Taly5> well I know the background isn't much, it was my first try at a more uh... realistic one? - not the clouds though ^^
<TheLoneBadWolf> Well it was very good
<MilaineSummerset> i like it, it also has a dramatically looming perspective bend to it :) - kind of like a fisheye lens
<TheLoneBadWolf> Oui I agree
<Taly5> wish I knew what that was -.-
<MilaineSummerset> fisheye lens?
<CrypticManifestation> the bg is well done, varying the focus on it a bit more to differentiate the background from the main character would have brought more attention to the focus point
<Taly5> yes
<MilaineSummerset> you seen the effect in inumerable documentaries and stuff i daresay
<Taly5> I bet I did but since I have no idea about cameras and stuff ...
<MilaineSummerset> it's that strangely stretched out picture with a wide angle of view, circularly extending the area the camera picks up - at the cost of a distortion of the flat view towards a bulged ...bubble thingie - or a fish eye, if one wants to call it that way
<Taly5> aah! gotcha! - thanks for explaining :)
<MilaineSummerset> yw :)
We've been very busy putting together the Before & After Competition. It's all about using feedback (like this) on an old deviation to create a new one! If it sounds interesting, be sure to check it out!

Acttually you were there for a while. I remember talking about Alphonse Mucha :)
ziinyu Jul 14, 2012  Student Interface Designer
That's right! I totally forgot that I dropped back in! That was a good conversation, it was nice to see that people were still hanging out after the main event.
I love the background!
Thank you! :)
gehirnkaefer Jun 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, it's awesome, really! :wow:
the dynamic and the colors are great.
Thank you! I'm quite happy with it too :D
No!! Thank YOU! I'm eagerly working on the next chapter of my story due to wanting to show off this amazing art ; o ;

This is Stiff in his complete entirety, no joke. You were totally spot on!

Again, thank you
I just finished reading it. All of it. And it's brilliant! Like reading a FF game. Can't wait to see what happens next! It's unfair though, I wanna know what happens if you chose the other paths! Well, to sum it up... I just love it! :D
Oh wow! You did!? I'm so honored! >_< Thank you so much ; o ; Your words give me a big high! Haha. It inspired me to do as best I could on my next chapter, which is out now >_<
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